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7 illustrations recapping (sort of) season one of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013-2014) by ratscape

omfg these are absolutely amazing and I love them all SO MUCH 


*fully embraces wine mom culture at age 19*

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Welcome To New York - Taylor Swift 

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You sit there in your heartache waiting on some beautiful boy to save you from your old ways.

Chloe Bennet with Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen at PaleyFest New York. [x]

And again, your silence in the matter of my wife is most telling. Do you believe I should not have allowed her to remain with the horseman?

AoS + text posts [15/?] - Jemma Simmons edition (part 3)

You don’t have to assume the worst of me.

You get one free pass. This, was it. You do not get another. Like it or not, you are the famous child of the most famous man on earth. And it may not be fair and it may not be right and it’s definitely sexist - if you were a boy they’d be giving you high-fives. But you’re not. So your knees are gonna have to stay together. 




Ming-Na Wen & Chloe Bennet attend the Agents Of SHIELD Paleyfest Panel October 19th 2014 

If these were two men talking about a female character, even as a joke (which i am sure this is, but still, siiiigh), i think fandom would be up in arms about it. I’m pretty sure the term “misogynist” would pop up.

With how the show is treating Ward, his three suicide attempts, his captivity, and generally his abuse, this makes me even more sad. Last time, the whole “washboard and teabags” thing made me uncomfortable, but Brett was at least there and had a chance to say something.

The other thing is, i don’t remember Brett ever making a distasteful or uncomfortable joke on expense of any character of the show, he in fact acts just the opposite. (and the argument about women being objectified so men should learn how it feels doesn’t fly with me. All people should be treated with respect.)

Finally on the point of narrative, it makes me sad that one thing Ward did responsibly, and did well also gets to be diminished for the purpose of a laugh. Ward was Skye’s SO from the start, not May. May even acted as if she didn’t want Skye on the team on instances.

I don’t hate the cast, don’t get me wrong. But i also don’t idolize them either. I don’t find this funny or tasteful, and if men did this, i wouldn’t find it funny either.

I see your point. I think it’s a very subjective thing, and I respect it. I personally just see it as a joke, but I see how that can look and sound annoying. But if people in the fandom see this and go “haha right Ward is a waste of space someone kill him off already”, then that’s another issue and I’m more than ready to kick some ass with canon facts. 

#like generally i’m the first to point it out when women are sexist  #in this case i’m choosing to take it as a joke  #it’s not funny  #but a joke  #so yeah  #shield  #stand with ward  #ming na is a bit of an ass about ward but i think she respects brett  #and chloe is always throwing accusations back at haters  #so to me it’s all good after all  #but yeah if these were idk clark and brett making jokes about ming na the entirety of the fandom would be ripping their throat out  #especially brett  #because also god fucking forbid they attack clark  #their precious coulson  #also the way the show is treating ward worries me #but i mean what would be the point of giving him a backstory and making him do genuinely good and thoughtful things  #if that wasn’t meant to put him on the way of redemption? #so… well  #patience my friends  #i trust the writers to pay us off eventually  

okay. first of all, did you two even watch the panel? Ming and Chloe weren’t even talking about May and Skye in that moment (re: SO from the beginning). They were talking about knowing each other beforehand and Ming being comforting and encouraging when Chloe was trying to get the part. So that had nothing to do with Ward/Brett at all and I don’t see why you had to make it about him.

Even if they had been talking about their characters, it’s still not a slight at Ward. May has been looking out for Skye from the beginning. In the very beginning, both May and Ward were apprehensive about Skye because as specialists they saw her as a liability. And would you like to talk canon facts? Yes there were parts where May was tough on Skye, but it was never out of dislike or animosity. Everything she did with Skye was to help her become a better agent, to help her learn to protect herself, to help her in general. If the “May even acted as if she didn’t want Skye on the team on instances.” you’re talking about is in reference to May saying Skye wouldn’t be useful on the plane when they were looking for Coulson. Then I have to just punch a hole right through that because it’s in the episode for godsake. May said that so that Skye actually could use her skills to help them. May knew shield and Skye better than anyone (including ward) in that scene so the best way for Skye to be able to help was to get her off the plane.

I’d also like to point out the way that Ward held out on forgiving Skye after she was caught helping Miles/The Rising Tide. Everyone else on the bus forgave Skye. Ward witheld his forgiveness longer than anyone else, and he knew how much she would want his forgiveness etc being her SO. WHICH is especially disgusting considering Skye is ultimately good and loyal to shield (and she was just looking out for a friend), and Ward was lying the ENTIRE time and was actually a traitor (who, you know, actually killed people).

I’d also like to address both these points at once “ i don’t remember Brett ever making a distasteful or uncomfortable joke on expense of any character of the show” and “#ming na is a bit of an ass about ward but i think she respects brett”. Listen. I really don’t think you two watched this panel. None of what was said in that panel was distasteful or uncomfortable at anyone’s expense, nor was Ming an “ass” in any way. Have you ever even seen how Ming acts? She is the kindest, silliest little ball of awesome. Now I haven’t watched as many videos with Brett, but I do follow him on twitter and he seems like a pretty cool dude, so I have nothing to say there. BUT I’m assuming by “distasteful and uncomfortable” and “objectifying” you’re referring to the lines in the middle here. If you had watched the panel you would know that they were talking about their reactions to finding out Ward was Hydra. And these reactions are not only funny in this moment, but they’re also appropriate overall. Ward manipulated everyone on that bus. In May and Skye’s cases it was especially hurtful to them when he turned out to be lying because he had not only manipulated them mentally and emotionally but he had taken advantage of that to take from theme physically. Which would justify the way that these two and their characters react to Ward’s betrayal. 

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that this was very minimally about Ward and not about Brett at all, this gifset is about the friendship between two fantastic women. You two have somehow managed to make it all about the precious grant ward, and you’ve managed to be wrong on several counts. Do yourself a favor and maybe stay away from things that have nothing to do with your manipulative, traitorous, extremely problematic fave. And maybe take a class on gender equality.